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Donald Kirkendall (ID: 241230)

Important Information (Updated: 3/28/2018)
NEW Product Guide - Your sales planning tool with useful information to help you help your clients before, during and after the sale.

Products underwritten by Time Insurance Company and National Health Insurance Company (including Short Term Medical) can be sold through this one consolidated platform!
Please email NatGenAHAgentServ@ngic.com with a subject line of “New Appointment Request” to access all the products National General Accident & Health has to offer.
To expedite your appointment request, please include your 6-digit Agent ID in the body of your message.

Quote any of our Short Term Medical or Supplemental plans here!


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We're Moving!

In an effort to bring you more of the CRM capabilities you have been asking for, we are transitioning to a new National General quote and enrollment platform to help you better support your customer needs.

The new platform will allow you to:

  • Email Quote Proposals
  • Save Quotes and Shopping Carts
  • Enroll via a Consolidated Application Experience
  • Build and Save your favorite package(s) of plans for quote and enrollment
  • Utilize Consumer facing agent sales links
  • Monitor customer actions via email tracking features
  • Manage your own Cross-Selling product options

To try the new platform today, please click the button below to create your account credentials and jump right into the next generation of the National General Experience!


To continue on with use of the traditional QuoteNatGen website today, please click the button below.